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SSDI Disability Law
SSDI Disability
This Social Security benefit is provided to those who are disabled or meet the requirements. Benefits are based on financial needs but within the allowable limits.
Disability SSDI
SSI Disability Law
SSI Disability
This Social Security benefit is provided to those who are injured and cannot work. Benefits are based on the taxes collected from workers & employers.
Disability SSI
Bankruptcy Law
Disability 411
Disability 411 provides a basic primer for understanding more about disability, your rights and abilities as a citizen, and the various words and terms used routinely.
Disability 411

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Mike fulfilled twenty-one years of distinguished service in the U.S. Navy in 1994. By the time of his retirement, he had graduated from the Air Force’s prestigious Air Command and Staff College and piloted a variety of air machines, including the H-46 helicopter, the T-34C turbo prop, the C-9 transport jet, and the C-130 Mighty Hercules. He decided to remain in public service for the next season of his life and career, graduating from Florida State University with a Juris Doctor and a Masters of Public Administration.

What followed was thirteen very busy years, trying well over a hundred bench and jury trials in the areas of Civil, Family, Criminal, Dependence, and Bankruptcy law. He was a Senior Attorney for the State of Florida, and for two years he served as the town attorney of Greensboro in Gadsden County. In 2005 and again in 2007 he was recognized for the many hours of free legal services he provided to the less fortunate. The Florida Bar’s President Pro Bono award in 2007 and the Bay County Bar Association Pro Bono award in 2005. Mike is also a member of the North Florida Bankruptcy Bar Association and is a past member of The Florida Bar’s Consumer Law Committee. He now works in private practice, most often representing clients in the area of Consumer Protection, successfully suing debt collectors and defending collection actions and foreclosures. As a credit to his abilities as a Qualified Arbitrator, most of these cases have been resolved through mediation.


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Mike Reiter, has helped hundreds of individuals just like you get back on track. Mike is not only a respected disability and bankruptcy attorney, but also holds a master’s degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in finance. Working with a professional who understands both the law and complex finances, you get the best of both worlds and a comprehensive approach to relief and recovery.

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